4 Questions to Ask Your Texas Personal Injury Attorney

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The importance of choosing the right attorney to handle your personal injury claim cannot be overstated. Your chances of winning the case and recovering the compensation you deserve depending on your attorney’s ability to prove the at-fault party’s culpability. Given below are four important questions you need to ask a Texas personal injury attorney before hiring them.

Can This Texas Personal Injury Attorney Handle Your Personal Injury Claim?

Not every attorney is equipped to handle all kinds of personal injury claims. Some claims – especially medical malpractice and commercial truck accident claims – can be difficult to handle for an inexperienced attorney. So, make sure you choose a Texas personal injury attorney who has the expertise and resources to handle your claim.

Have You Previously Dealt with Claims Similar to Mine?

This is a very important question to ask, as your chances of securing the compensation you deserve are significantly higher when you are represented by a Texas personal injury attorney who has handled claims similar to yours and successfully recovered damages for their clients.

Are You Prepared to Take My Case to Trial, if Necessary?

A vast majority of third-party personal injury claims are resolved through negotiation. Still, insurance adjusters can be stubborn at times and refuse to pay what you deserve. In such a scenario, your Texas personal injury must be able to take the case to trial and recover damages through litigation. This is why it is critical to choose an attorney with trial experience to handle your claim.

Moreover, insurance adjusters are known to play hardball when they know that the plaintiff is represented by an attorney who does not have any trial experience. They might force you to accept a low settlement offer, as they know that your attorney might be hesitant to take the case to trial.

In other words, your attorney’s lack of trial experience can make it difficult for you to secure the compensation you are entitled to. So, make sure you choose a Texas personal injury attorney who is trial-ready and can battle it out in court if necessary.

If I Lose My Case, Will I Have to Pay Case-Related Expenses?

Personal injury attorneys generally work on a contingency basis, which means you are not required to pay any fee in advance. If your attorney manages to win your case and recover damages, they will take a percentage – which can be anywhere from 25% to 40% – of the compensation awarded to you.

However, some attorneys might ask you to pay case-related expenses if they are unable to win your case and recover any compensation. This is something you need to ask an attorney before hiring them.

Looking for an Experienced and Trustworthy Texas Personal Injury Attorney to Handle Your Claim?

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