Been in a Texas Car Accident? Three Tips to Help You Get The Best Settlement Possible

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Car accidents tend to happen on a daily basis in Texas. Data from the Department of Transportation shows that every year, thousands are killed and several thousands are injured in car accidents.

If you are a victim of a car accident in Texas, you have the right to sue the party who caused the accident and recover monetary damages for your injuries and other losses. Below are three tips that can help you get the best settlement possible in a Texas car accident case.

Preserve All the Evidence

The first thing you should know about personal injury claims is that the value of your claim will be decided based on the evidence you produce. The more evidence you produce, the higher are your chances of recovering the monetary damages you deserve. Given below is a list of the evidence you need to preserve if you have been involved in a Texas car accident.

  •       Photos and videos taken at the accident scene. Make sure to take as many as possible from different angles
  •       Statements from eyewitnesses
  •       Police report
  •       Medical records (diagnostic tests, physician’s report, reports from surgeons and other specialists, prescriptions, and other bills)
  •       Receipts for out-of-pocket expenses associated with your treatment
  •       Receipts for mobility aids and other special equipment (if you are temporarily or permanently disabled as a result of your injuries)
  •       Lost wage statements

Keep a Record of Your Recovery

Keeping a record of your recovery process is one of the best ways to document the extent of the pain and suffering caused by your injuries. Are you in constant pain because of your injuries? Do you struggle to perform day-to-day activities – like going to the bathroom or taking a shower – because of your injuries? Do you have recurring nightmares about the accident?

Talk about how you feel, capture your struggles on film, and keep it safely. The pictures and videos you take can communicate the extent of the non-economic losses you suffered in the accident and make it easier for your Texas car accident attorney to maximize the value of your claim.

NOTE: it is vital that you receive medical treatment as soon as you possibly can after the accident has occurred. Taking too long before you actually receive treatment can possibly reduce your injury claim significantly.

Document the Long-Term Consequences of Your Injuries

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In order to get the best settlement possible from the insurance company, you should work with your attorney and document the long-term effects of your injuries. 

For instance, if you are a software developer and are left cognitively disabled as a result of your injuries, you may not be able to write code again. Similarly, if you are a construction worker who is physically disabled as a result of your injuries, you might not be able to work in the construction industry anymore.

The loss of earning potential in the aforementioned scenarios can be quite significant. An experienced Texas car accident attorney can quantify the loss of earning potential caused by your injuries and negotiate with the adjuster to get the maximum amount of compensation possible.

Been in a Texas Car Accident? We Can Help You!

If you have been injured in a car accident in Texas and are planning to sue the at-fault party, attorney Dana G. Kirk can help you. A leading civil litigator and the recipient of the highest honors in the industry, Dana G. Kirk can build a watertight case against the parties responsible for the accident and fight hard to get you the best possible settlement.

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