Car Accident Lawyer Houston Answers: Three Red Flags of a Bad PI Firm

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If you are a car accident victim in Houston, you should be careful about the personal injury firm you choose to handle your claim. If you hire the wrong firm, you might not be able to win your case and recover the compensatory damages you are entitled to.

Given below are three red flags you should look out for while choosing a personal injury firm to handle your case.

1. Poor Communication

Ask any car accident lawyer in Houston and they will tell you that effective communication is one of the hallmarks of a good lawyer. If the lawyer assigned to you by the firm does not seem to have a tight grasp of the legal issues related to your case and is not able to answer your questions, you should reconsider your options.

In such a scenario, you should ask the firm to assign a different lawyer to handle your claim. If they refuse to do so or if the other lawyer seems equally poor at communicating their ideas, you should avoid the firm altogether.

2. A Track Record of Accepting Low Settlement Offers

This is a major red flag you should look out for while choosing a PI firm. If a firm has a track record of accepting low settlement offers, it can only mean two things.

  • The attorneys at the firm do not have any trial experience. As a result, they may attempt persuading you to accept the offer made by the insurance company as they might be reluctant to take the case to trial.
  • The attorneys are not interested in helping you get the compensation you deserve; they are in it to make quick cash. They will try persuading you to accept the first offer from the insurance company so that they can settle the case and move on to the next one.

You should always ask a car accident lawyer in Houston if they have trial experience and if they are willing to take your case to court if needed. If the lawyer gives you a noncommittal response, you should avoid the firm.

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3. No Track Record of Recovering Large Settlements

Avoid law firms that do not have a history of recovering large settlements and verdicts for their clients.

If you are seriously injured and have suffered extensive property damage, you should be represented by a car accident lawyer in Houston who has a track record of recovering large settlements. Without such a lawyer, the insurance company can possibly get away with paying only a fraction of what you deserve. 

Choose a Trustworthy Car Accident Lawyer in Houston to Represent You

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