Houston Injury Lawyer: 6 Things The Adjuster Will Not Tell You After a Car Accident

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Getting injured in a car or a truck accident can completely change one’s life. The injured victim suddenly has to deal with medical bills and lost income while also learning how to live with their injuries.

If you are facing this situation, it is prudent to initiate your insurance claim process as soon as possible to ease off the financial burden. Unless you are fully aware of the insurance claim procedure and how insurance companies work, you should hire a Houston injury lawyer to handle this process.

6 Things a Houston Insurance Adjuster Won’t Tell You

It is important to remember that an adjuster works for the insurance company – no matter how “understanding” they may seem, their loyalty is not towards you. To that end, here are some facts they may be unwilling to share with you.

1. Other Insurance Policies

The driver who caused the car accident as well as their employer (if the driver caused the accident during regular business hours) may have multiple insurance policies. This is especially common in case of multi-million dollar trucking companies.

But the insurance adjuster would not tell you this; they naturally do not want you to receive a payout from multiple insurance carriers. This is where a Houston injury lawyer can help – your attorney can legally demand this information.

2. The Policy Limit of The Other Driver

Not telling you about the other party’s policy limit is a common technique used by the insurance companies to keep you at a disadvantage during settlement negotiations. Fortunately, a focused and established Houston injury lawyer knows exactly how to make them divulge that information.  

3. You do Not Have to Answer Their Questions Immediately

Once your accident is reported, the insurance company will try to get you to talk about the accident over the phone right away. They will record these calls, hoping that you will say something that will help them reject your claim. You have the legal right to refuse to answer or even talk to them until you have talked to an attorney.

4. You do Not Have to Accept Their First Settlement Offer

If the insurance company knows that you do not have an attorney to represent, they will double down on pressurizing you into accepting their offer. Never ever accept that offer without speaking to a lawyer first. The offer of a check may sound tempting but it might not include all of your injuries or might be simply too low.

5. You Can Call An Attorney Right After Your Accident

No insurance company in the world will ever recommend that you contact an attorney. But you can and you should – it will help you receive maximum possible settlement. 

6. You do Not Have to Sign Any Document

The insurance carriers may send you several different waivers and forms, including one that permits them to look into your complete medical history. Do not sign any of these forms without consulting with a Houston injury lawyer first.

A Houston Injury Lawyer Can Help You Maximize Your Compensation

At Kirk Law Firm, our attorneys have built a high reputation for themselves partly because we are not afraid to take a personal injury case to trial. While avoiding litigation is a good way to get a case to settle fast, if we think our clients are not receiving the offer they deserve, we do not hesitate to file a lawsuit to maximize their chances of getting what’s due. Call us today at 713-929-2670 or reach us online to schedule a free and confidential case review.

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