Texas Car Accident Attorney Shares What to Do if You Get Hurt in an Uber Accident

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texas car accident attorneyAccording to Uber’s 2019 survey report, there were 97 fatal crashes and 107 people lost their lives in 2017 and 2018 combined in accidents involving an Uber. With more individuals embracing Uber as their side hustle, there are a record number of ride-sharing cabs on the streets of Texas these days. So, it comes as no surprise that a lot of crashes involve Uber cabs.

Fortunately, Texas laws support people who have been injured in such a crash. If you or your loved one has been harmed in an accident involving an Uber, there are certain steps you can take to recuperate the cost of expenses incurred due to your injuries. To know more about your options, consider talking to a reputable Texas car accident attorney.

Step 1: Report the Accident to Police and Uber

Sometimes police reports might not be admissible as evidence in a personal injury lawsuit, but they still play a crucial role while your Texas car accident attorney pursues compensation on your behalf.

Immediately after you have been in an accident, call the police. Ask the dispatch to send an officer to the scene. Once they arrive, they will document the crash and record vital details about it. These details – including witness names, vehicle details, traffic, and weather conditions – are easy to forget later on. When you decide to sue the at-fault party, your Texas car accident attorney can refer to the accident report as they perform their own investigation.

In addition, call the Uber Company to report your accident with them. Uber has a $1 million insurance policy for accident cases like these. If you fail to make a formal complaint, their insurance company will make it hard for you to recover any compensation.

Step 2: Document the Accident

It might be hard to do so after you have been a victim of a crash, but taking pictures of the Uber, your vehicle, and other nearby witnesses at that time will help your Texas car accident attorney build a rock-solid case.

Take pictures of the accident scene from different angles. Do not forget to take pictures of your injuries and vehicle damage. If possible, talk to other passengers, drivers, and witnesses on the road and note their contact information. Your Texas car accident attorney can use all this information to conduct a thorough investigation.

Step 3: Seek Medical Help, Even If You See No Sign of Physical Injuries

Vehicle accident victims sometimes do not experience pain, especially if the physical damage is mostly internal. Do not skip a trip to the doctor or an emergency room simply because you do not feel much pain or discomfort. Whiplash and other similar internal injuries have a tendency to display symptoms much later on.

Do Not Let Uber or an Insurance Company Lowball You: Talk to a Texas Car Accident Attorney Today

Once you report the accident to Uber or to the insurance company of the Uber driver, their respective insurance companies will do everything to reduce your claim. At Kirk Law Firm, PLLC, Dana G. Kirk and his excellent team of attorneys have the experience in handling negotiations with top insurance companies in the country. We know how to protect our clients and prevent insurance companies from driving down the value of their personal injury claims.

If you think you will benefit from having a determined legal counsel on your side, call us today at 713-929-2670 or contact us online to schedule a free, no-obligations consultation.

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