Texas Personal Injury Lawyer: Why is The Insurance Company Low Balling Me?

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Receiving your first settlement offer from the insurance company can bring up a lot of mixed emotions including worry and uncertainty. On one hand, the offer might be substantially lower than you were expecting. On the other, you already have bills stacking up, and you are in immediate need for some money right now.

If your settlement offer has come in lower than you expected, consider getting in touch with an experienced Texas personal injury lawyer who can help you receive the compensation you rightfully deserve. As to why the insurance company is offering such a low settlement, it’s probably due to one of the following reasons.

Most People Are Willing To Accept the Low Settlement Offer 

One big reason why insurance companies get away with offering lower-than-average settlements is that a lot of people accept them, without asking any questions. Insurance adjusters know that most people will take the bait. As a result, too many people have accepted far less money than they deserved or needed, either because they were tempted by the lure of a quick payment or because they didn’t know better.

The Insurance Company Will Protect Its Bottom Line At All Costs

Insurance companies, like any other for-profit corporation, are in the business to make money. And offering low settlements helps protect their bottom line. If they know they can get away with paying you a smaller sum of money, you can be sure they will do it.

As any seasoned Texas personal injury lawyer will tell you, keep in mind that the insurance company is not your ally or friend. Do not make the mistake of thinking that they are working for you or that they have your best interests in mind.

The good news is, insurance claims adjusters are not allowed to decide what is fair all on their own. They can be held accountable to the law and the company’s policy language. A Texas personal injury lawyer can help you hold your insurance adjuster accountable.

They Don’t Think You Will Hire a Texas Personal Injury Lawyer

Insurance companies, in most cases, do not want to go to court. After all, going to trial means they could lose even more money than what you are asking for during the settlement. On top of this, insurance companies know they are not always popular with juries.

One of the most common reasons why insurance companies offer low settlements is that they do not believe you will do anything to contest it. By hiring a Texas personal injury lawyer, you will send a clear signal that you are indeed willing to do something about it.

The right Texas personal injury lawyer will work to convince the insurance company that they are prepared to make an aggressive case on your behalf — in a court of law — if that’s what it takes to help you receive the compensation you deserve.

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