Top Three Tips to Preserve More Money in Texas Personal Injury Claims

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If you are planning to file a Texas personal injury claim against someone, you might be wondering what you can do to maximize the value of your claim. Here are three useful tips to help you get the maximum amount of compensation from the at-fault party’s insurance company.

Do Not Make Admissions Against Interest

The term ‘admissions against interest’ refers to statements that can be considered as an admission of guilt or fault on your part. For example, if you say something such as, “I’m sorry; I should have seen you” to the other driver, it can be considered as an admission of fault and can be used to reduce the value of your Texas personal injury claim.

Remember – under Texas law, your compensation can be reduced if you are found to be at fault for the accident. The insurance company will use your own admissions of fault against you to prove that your own actions contributed significantly to the accident.

Keep this in mind and do not make any such comments to anyone – at the accident scene or afterwards.

Be Prepared to Say No

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The insurance adjuster may try to create a sense of urgency in order to convince you into accepting a low settlement offer. For instance, they might say, “we are prepared to offer x amount of money now; or you can take the case to trial, which might drag on for months.”

While it is tempting to accept this offer, it is not advisable. If you want to maximize the value of your Texas personal injury claim, you should be prepared to decline their offers as many times as necessary.

Once they realize that your attorney is willing to take the case to trial and you are willing to wait to get the compensation you deserve, they may likely take your demands into consideration.

Follow the Doctor’s Instructions

Not following your doctor’s instructions is perhaps the biggest mistake you can make as an injury victim. If there is a noticeable gap between the date of accident and the date on which you sought treatment or if you did not comply with the doctor’s instructions after the accident, the insurance company might argue that your injuries are not nearly as serious as you claim.

If they manage to convince the judge or jury, the value of your Texas personal injury claim could be reduced significantly. For this reason, you should seek treatment as soon as you possibly can after an accident and follow all the instructions given by your doctor.

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