What To Do If You Are Injured In a Motorcycle Accident?

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Motorcycle accidents are an everyday occurrence in Texas. The Department of Transportation reports that in 2019, motorcycle accidents accounted for 412 deaths and 1,800 injuries. On average, at least one motorcyclist is killed every day in Texas.

With this being the case, if you are an avid motorcyclist, it is essential for you to know what to do in case you are injured in an accident. The following tips will give you the best chance of recovering damages from an at-fault party with the help of a Houston motorcycle accident attorney.

Get to Safety

First of all, check yourself for injuries and see if you can move your limbs. If you are able to do so, get off the road. If you have a passenger, check them for injuries and get them off the road too.

Inform the Police

Call 911. When the police arrive at the scene of the accident, tell them what happened without exaggerating or downplaying any detail related to the accident. As any Houston motorcycle accident attorney can tell you, misstating facts is never a good idea, especially when you are dealing with the police. Remember, giving false information to a law enforcement officer is a crime, so don’t do it! 

Collect Information from the Other Driver

Talk to the motorist who caused the accident and try to obtain their contact information and insurance details. In some cases, the driver might try to flee the scene, especially if have a bad driving record. So, it is a judicious idea to take pictures of their vehicle – the license plate in particular – as quickly as you can.

While gathering information from the other driver, do not apologize or say anything that can be misconstrued as an admission of guilt. It can make the job of your Houston motorcycle accident attorney a lot harder.

Document the Crash Scene

Take pictures and videos of the crash scene using your smartphone or camera. Here is a list of things you should take pictures of:

·        Your injuries

·        Damage to your motorcycle

·        Damage to the other vehicle

·        Damage caused to public and private properties at the scene of the accident

·        Tire marks on the road

The photographic evidence you provide can help your Houston motorcycle accident attorney to prove the severity of your injuries and to establish the negligence of the at-fault driver.

Get Medical Treatment

Unlike a car, a motorcycle does not have any built-in safety features, which makes you extremely vulnerable to injuries. So, do not presume that you are okay, even if you do not feel any pain or discomfort.

Get yourself to a hospital as soon as you can and let a qualified physician examine you for external and internal injuries. Follow the doctor’s instructions carefully and preserve every piece of evidence, to include:

  • Bills
  • Receipts
  • Prescriptions
  • Test results
  • Physician’s report.

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