Why Do People Become Unhappy With Their Texas Personal Injury Attorney?

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Choosing a Texas personal injury attorney is quite similar to choosing a therapist or a doctor. Just because a lawyer has great reviews or customer testimonials does not mean they will be the right fit for you. There could be specific issues that make the attorney less qualified to help with your particular case. 

Here are some of the most common reasons why you may become displeased with your Texas personal injury attorney.

Lack of Effort: Your Lawyer Is Unprepared or Unorganized

Almost every lawyer likes to say that their time is money – but do they consider your time similarly valuable as well? After all, you will be taking time off work and family obligations to meet with your lawyer.

To put it simply, your Texas personal injury attorney should not waste your time by mishandling your documents or funds, or being unprepared altogether. The outcome of a case can be adversely affected if the lawyer shows up to court without necessary preparation.

Your lawyer should have evidence received or submitted as the result of an investigation as well as have:

  • Copies of any checks you have written related to your case
  • Pleadings from the other parties
  • And any other documentation regarding your case

Poor Communication: Your Lawyer Does Not Return Your Calls

Lack of communication on your lawyer’s end can be frustrating when you are involved in a high-stakes legal battle. Almost every attorney is busy due to the very nature of their work. However, there is no excuse for not returning your emails or phone calls within a reasonable amount of time.

As a client, be aware that it might not be possible for your lawyer to always return your call themselves – but you should always receive a response from their paralegal or assistant at the very least. If you are working with a trial attorney, it’s highly likely that they spend a lot of time traveling, so they may not be able to get in touch with you personally.

As long as you receive some kind of response or update from someone in the law firm, you should be okay. But if you feel like you are being left in a lurch and nobody is even trying to guide you through the process, it might be time to find a new Texas personal injury attorney.

Lack of Compassion or Dedication: Your Lawyer Tends To Bully or Berate Others

It is understandable that the level of compassion you are shown by your attorney may depend on their personality, the facts of the case, or even your own personality. Not all lawyers are warm and fuzzy by nature, but it does not mean they can belittle or berate you.

Your Texas personal injury attorney should not try to coerce or bully you into handling your case in a specific way of accepting a settlement offer.  If you do not feel comfortable around your lawyer, or you feel like you cannot trust them, it is a major red flag.

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